Toshiba 48-Inch 48U7653DB Ultra HD TV review bewilderment

By Peter Chubb - Apr 7, 2016

Buying a new TV is not like going to buy a pack of gum, as this is a lot of money to spend on an item that you will be using pretty much every day. Therefore, consumers tend to do some research on the any particular model they are thinking of buying, and the best way to do this is by reading over a few reviews.

If you are thinking of getting yourself the Toshiba 48-Inch 48U7653DB Ultra HD TV, then this could be a problem, because after some searching, there is not one Toshiba 48U7653DB review of this model to be found.

That is not the only confusing thing, as a search on the Toshiba website also comes up with no results, which means you cannot even download a manual for the TV.

However, we did not let that deter us and upon some more searchingwe found a Toshiba 48U7653DB 48 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV manual document on the Argos website.

Toshiba 48U7653DB specs

In the manual it lists the main 48U7653DB specs, and while they are nothing special, when you consider this 48-inch Smart 4K TV costs less than £500 – we pretty much expected it to not offer too much in terms of features.

This model comes with 4K Ultra HD display, a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, a 1000Hz Motion Rate, Active 3D with its 2 3D glasses supplied, Micro dimming, built-in freeview, and 2 x 8 watt RMS power output.

You also get the option of a wired or wireless connection to help get the full advantage of its Smart features; giving you access to a huge amount of content, such as Netflix, and YouTube.

Are you shocked that there is no review for this TV, as it is clear you do get a lot for your money, although it is not on par with some of the Samsung models that we have been looking at, over the past few weeks?

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  • Tim Skillman

    Just got this TV and, after some fiddling with the default settings, I get great results!

    The remote has a big Netflix button so if you have Netflix it’s ideal – tried Netflix UltraHD 4K – although I can’t see much difference versus 1080p HD. Also tried several Blurays for colour and detail – Avatar and Tangled look great; rich colours, very responsive, nice detail. Blacks looked awful until I changed the default settings (higher contrast). Haven’t tried the 3D yet so I can’t comment on it.

    The only downside is the sound – sound is a bit ‘tinny’ and bass is poor compared to my old Samsung 32″ – it doesn’t live up to the quality you’d expect from a 4K TV and surround/bass settings on the TV don’t make much difference. However, it’s loud enough and there’s plenty of output to hook up to a sound system.

    Connectivity is OK; comes with a SCART adapter and sound connectors (no 3D glasses though – you can get them for around £15 on eBay).

    Overall, for the price I bought it (£349), this TV exceeded my expectations and I’d highly recommend it.

  • Peter Hastings

    Hi. I was wondering if any one has had a problem with sky Q box sliver getting 10 bit. I can only get 8 bit on sky q.

  • Matthew Smith

    Love this TV, had it since April and the only issue was with the 3D displaying wrong but that has now been sorted. Using a Xbox One S for the ultra hd blu ray and I can confirm the TV is compatible with 4k Blu rays at 2160p 24hz, 30hz, 50hz and 60hz with 10bit color. The 4k Blu ray picture is stunning for the price of this TV. With this TV being so cheap now and Amazon selling the Xbox One S for £224 at the moment, this is a great setup if you want to try 4k on a budget.

    • Peter Hastings

      Hi. I was wondering what hdmi do you use please on the TV please. Many thanks Mr Hastings

      • Matthew Richards

        I’m using the high speed hdmi cable supplied with the Xbox on the hdmi 1 slot.

      • Matthew Richards

        I am using a high speed hdmi cable supplied with the Xbox on the hdmi 1

    • Peter Hastings

      Hi. I was wondering what settings you use for the picture.

  • Peter Hastings

    Hi. I was wondering if what hdmi 1 slot is on the TV please. And the other one’s please

    • Matthew Smith

      All of the hdmi slots are 2.0

  • Stephen Legerton

    It says the TV comes with glasses but mine hasn’t ??

  • Stephen Austin

    We have a 48U7653DB TV bought from Tesco. Its fine for what WE want but….when the TV is switched off (not at the mains though) the on/off light will start flashing red/green of its own accord. This goes on for a few minutes before it stays red. Any suggestions, please?

    • Dr barkus

      the tv guide will do this if you have selected a programme to view later,then switch the tv to stand by

  • Alan Morley

    My main concern with the set is that the Internet connection speed is on 1024 kbs although we have Virgin Broadband running at 50 Mb/s.

    I have tried both wired and wireless connection both with the same result.

    The effect of this is that when streaming 4K video from YouTube, the picture keeps buffering and stuttering which is most annoying.

    I cannot find anywhere that mentions the connection speed of the TV and I cannot find how to improve it..

  • Phil Beaman

    I was thinking about buying one of these but the manual seems to indicate that all the HDMI ports can only support 1080p and UHD to 30Hz, which indicates that the ports are 1.4 and not 2.0.

    I did see a comment that stated that the HDMI ports can be changed to 2.0 in settings but as far as i am aware, a physical port can only be one type and I have never come across a way of changing a 1.4 port to 2.0 as they are physically different in specification.

    So to me, the settings that change the operational functionality must only be able to enable 4K@30Hz, which 1.4b does natively anyway.

    Can somebody clarify exactly what spec ports on on this TV?

    • Paul Davies

      Did you ever get an answer on this as I have the exact same question!

  • Peter Hastings

    Hi. I was wondering if any one had a problem using the menu on the remote it won’t let me use it on any hdmi channels like my blu ray player. Can you please help me out with this matter. Many thanks Mr Hastings

  • tej

    hi there does anyone know about how to connect a bluetooth headset with this tv without any dongles etc. or how to enter or activate bluetooth menu as it has bt inbuilt but there is no option or bt in the menu or settings. So if anyone knows how to connect a bt headset with this tv as sometimes watching on the tv is better to hear or keep sound to you only. Plz any help?

  • Tej

    hi there. Does anyone have idea that why this tv is not mirroring my phone game or online contents from the same wifi except youtube only. It mirrors youtube videos etc. perfectly but other than those it shows the error as stopped(714) what i don’t have any idea what is it plus it is not signing in my google account as well when i tried to sign in through smart tv google chrome web browser. Any idea how i can get through all this…..Thanks

    • Paul Hume

      Hi Tej, had this TV 6 months, had trouble with all the smart features except youtube, after a lot of research I could not find any help online, rang Toshiba who told me they did not support the TV and I had to ring Argos, I rang Argos and after an hour of fault finding they told me to return the TV for a refund and gave me a number. However, I got this cheap at the Argos supplied “Argos Bargain Clearance Shop” for £299 and there was no way I was going to get a 48″ 4K tv for that money anywhere (yet), so I gave up on all the smart features and now use it only as the display for my Amazon Fire TV (which is amazing for 4k content, coupled with Flex app for my local content its a great piece of kit) and TalkTalk for terrestrial TV. I’m still hoping for an OTA update that will fix the issues but I am not holding my breath.
      Hope this saves you a bit of time.

      • Tej

        Thanks for your response but i bought this tv for 380 from ebuyer and by mistake i through the box away so quickly and when asked again ebuyer they told me that they can arrange a box for 5 pounds charges but then later informed that they haven’t got any box in the warehouse so i couldn’t return the item and still keeping with it and put on sale on gumtree but as they are getting cheaper and cheapest everyday so no offers till date. Wanted to get a replacement as an LG or Samsung but couldn’t as no box for packaging it and sending it back so now just waiting if go for even 340/350 even as its just a month old tv. As there is no support from anywhere on the net, toshiba or the retailer i bought it from so it’s like useless to me really using it as a big monitor with my laptop to watch movies etc. plus some times youtube for my son when he wants to watch cartoons etc. most of the apps in are in turkish languages so not worth using as no option for change of language even there. Its really rubbish what toshiba through in the market as in the name of 4k tvs.

  • thewinelake

    Would anyone be able to comment on how good a job this does as a 4K monitor? Thinking of using one in the boardroom. I don’t care about 3D, upscaling, audio. etc

  • Elliot Bridgewater

    I received mine two days ago.

    The black levels are abysmal, as expected; though everything else seems just fine for a £400 TV.

    The 3D is naff – non of my 3D movies ever “come out of the screen at you” like they do at the cinema. They simply show “depth”, which is fine considering the glasses are now cheap (2x pairs for £15 on Amazon).

  • Daniel Thomas

    After reading through this i am guessing i shouldnt have broken my remote then ,i thought i couldnt fins the replacement,the only one similar is the toshiba ct-8053,this is ct 8035,any one know if its worth a punt or is it time to get a universal one ….?

  • Mark Coull

    Great TV.. Had it for a month now.. 3d is class and built in netflix for 4k content is great. All HDMI ports can be changed to 2.0 in settings, this is called enhanced. 2 usb 3.0 ports and 1 usb 2.0 port.. Picture quality is great. Sometimes the 3d doesn’t work properly but the 3d button is great on the remote.. Just a case of going down to left/right and pressing ok to fix it.. Have watched many 3d movies.. 4k content available on built in app netflix. I went out and bought the amazon fire 4k tv box. Amazon prime is £5.99 a month and has alot of 4k movies for buying and free 4k tv shows, I’ve been watching man in the high castle and Bosch.. Great shows and Netflix has Breaking Bad and Better call saul in 4k which is amazing
    It is a toshiba but its compal toshiba that make them now, i have nothing bad to say about this tv.. Amazing for the price. For 3d glasses buy toshiba AG04 bluetooth active glasses.. I got a pair for £13 on ebay.. Lightweight and work great

  • Mike Skeff

    i have just bought this tv and again it has not come with any 3d glasses, it will also not work with my coax to my surround sound,, has it been confirmed which glasses we need and what do i need to get my sound surround to work or do i need to buy a compatable soundbar ? cheers all,,

    • Mark Coull

      I had no trouble hooking it up via coax to my lg surround sound system.. 3d glasses go for toshiba ag04.. Lightweight and great.. Soundbar should work via hdmi port 3 which is ARC

      • Mike

        hi Mark, thanks for the reply, i have got my surround sound working,, where did you get the 3d glasses from mate ?

        • Mark Coull

          Ebay mate.. Was looking think they’re back up in price..20 odd quid now.. Your 3d working ok? Sometimes on mines the screen doesn’t adjust properly.. Its easily fixed though

        • Mike

          NO, cant get any glasses to work, I’m gonna ring Argos tech and see if they can help.

        • Mark Coull

          Any active glasses should work as long as they’re bluetooth if they’re Infrared then they won’t work.. If the bluetooth ones don’t work i’d get argos to give you a part refund and get a refurbished one.. They’re basically brand new but any probs with it previously has been fixed

  • Steve f

    Toshiba 48U7653DB Ultra HD 48 inch TV. S43
    BE-AWARE !!!
    This isn’t a Toshiba TV !
    Toshiba stopped making TVs in 2014/2015
    A company called COMPAL make all so call toshiba TVs these days !
    As I have just found out when I spoke to Toshiba they cannot help what so ever and stated this isn’t one of their TVs , even though its in a Toshiba box , with Toshiba branding all over it!
    The picture is amazing
    The sound is poor you will really need a soundbar as with any flat screen TV these days
    The spec matches up to TVs at double the price!
    It is a 3d TV although I haven’t figured out which glasses I need !
    I have just purchased fpt-ago4g glasses but can’t get them working yet?
    Its great to have so many HDMI ports and other bang up to date connections!
    THERE is a PROBLEM with the Netflix app pre installed , it will not play any Netflix film ???
    Netflix , Toshiba and Argos havent a clue why ??? Toshiba refered me to the manufacturing company compal but I cannot find any contact details for them …..Argos have discounted the TV due to this problem ….
    I’m not sure if this will be a problem in future or not ???
    But the specs that good and the picture and other features for this discount price its worth keeping IMO!

    • Lissom27

      Don’t ever buy a TV for its smart capabilities. Even with top brands like Samsung and Sony, the built-in smart apps wil lhave fleeting support. Possibly 1-2 years if you’re lucky, whenever the host company (e.g. Netflix) updates their API the TV company programmers will need to update their app to keep pace – wouldn’t happen forever. Just buy a cheapo Now TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast etc and you’ll be guaranteed support for the built in apps for years to come.

      • Steve f

        That’s WRONG info
        Nowtv fire TV Chromecast are NOT 4k
        So unless you have an app built into the TV 4k will not work

    • Calum

      Hi ive just bought this tv and im having trouble getting the tv to find my blu ray player i get the disc loading pic at top of screen then it goes to no signal received
      Has anyone else had this?

    • Mike Skeff

      any idea what glasses or sound bar works ? didnt get any glasses and it wont work with my surround via coax on the sub out socket..

      • Steve f

        Reply from Steve f

        I ended phoning Toshiba directly and complained to their technical dept!
        They sent me several pairs FREE of charge !

        For a sound bar I had the same problem my Panasonic would work !
        So I purchased a Samsung and it works fine !

        Very very happy with the TV amazing quality

        • Mike

          the tv quality is fantastic,, i dont suppose you have the number for Toshiba that you rang have you Steve ? thanks for the reply.

        • Steve f

          Sorry my post wasn’t very clear I called Toshiba and they did not help

          It was Toshiba technical line at ARGOS that sent me the glasses

        • Mike

          is that just the normal argos tech helpline Steve ? or a different number,, its doing my head, not been able to watch a 3d film since i got

    • Dave

      Hi What is the motion rate as some say 50hz and some say 1000hz.

      • Steve f


  • The Box has 3D TV printed on it , so it is 3D as the options are in the menu also.
    When I saw the page it said 2 pairs of glasses.
    Toshiba website has no mention of this TV and no manual. Though thanks to this review has included a link to one on Argos.
    It says 1000 engine, but the manual does not seem to confirm this hi-spec.
    The TV quality is good for its choice of connections, a vibrant picture. When i turn on my SKY the TV and soundbar turn on automatically. (need to enable CEC on) in the menu.

  • THX Tex

    I bought this TV on Saturday from Argos. So far I’ve found that SD isn’t very good, but we are sitting a bit closer than the 48″ x3 distance away, once things go into 720p, and subsequently 1080p, it gets a lot better. 4K is bright and vibrant. This is out of the box so some adjustment to the contrast/brightness/etc will be needed I just haven’t got around to calibrating it. No, the TV’s not that smart but it does have apps for iPlayer and Netflix, and they perform better than on any other platform I’ve used when using a TV connected device. YouTube is also nice and smooth. Sound isn’t great, but connecting it to an external amp means you don’t have to worry about the quality. It’s fine for watching the usual TV fodder.

    The bad points…

    The 3D glasses… Argos say it doesn’t come with them but I have screenshots of their website with the word “Active” just randomly included in the specs. When I rang customer service they said that it didn’t come with glasses, but I also mentioned that the Argos eBay listing had the glasses listed (screenshot taken), and that even though both sites had the same Argos catalogue number I should have ordered from the eBay site to get the glasses! Argos customer services are still looking into this.

    In the meantime I emailed Toshiba and they’ve just sent me an email stating that the TV side of Tosh went under licence, that their TV’s aren’t made by them any more, and they have basically washed their hands of my enquiry.

    To be honest, I’d just like a compatible Tosh model number for them. I need a couple of additional pairs in anyway.

    The media player is very basic so I can’t play my media files directly (but I have connected kit to do that anyway so not really a problem).

    The apps mentioned above. Just the three worth using. iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix (if you have an account).

    Programme recording is a bit hit and miss. It really doesn’t like my memory sticks as drives. More investigation work needed so not writing off the function just yet.

    dts sound doesn’t pass through the HDMI, or not that I’ve found a way of doing it. Still playing but it looks like my amp will still require some sort of direct connection from my BluRay player. Dolby isn’t a problem from Freeview HD, Netflix and iPlayer and runs nicely from the optical out of the TV.

    It’s a lot of TV for the money, especially at the price Argos have it currently listed (£479), but if it wasn’t reduced in price (£699) I’d be looking at better specified screens for just 4K/smartness and scrapping the 3D aspect.

    • THX Tex

      UPDATE – I’ve tested the record function with a 40GB external drive and there were no issues. Still waiting to hear from Argos about the glasses.

      • AmiT Sharma

        Hi THX TEX:-
        Can u plz help as m not sure to buy any active 3d glasses for my toshiba 48U7653DB. While purchasing argos mentioned about glasses will be supplied and later changed the whole discription. Just tell me which glasses to buy plz give me any model or serial no. of the galsses or from where to buy..
        Ur help will be much appreciated
        Thanks in advance

        • THX Tex

          I’d speak to Argos Technical Support. They’ve sent me some glasses. However, I’ve also bought some Toshiba AG04G Bluetooth Active glasses. Mind, as with the glasses that Argos sent me, these sometimes have to be worn upside down to force the 3D to work, but I’ve found then to work.

        • Jones

          Do the Toshiba AG04G Bluetooth Active glasses work fine? or are there issues with it? would you recommend buying them?

        • THX Tex

          There are issues with any active 3D glasses. I have both the above and the ones that Argos Technical Support sent and they have the same problem. If the TV decides that it wants you to watch a 3D film with the glasses on upside down then that’s the way it goes. However, they do work pretty well once the orientation is sorted.

    • THX Tex

      UPDATE – Bought a pair of Toshiba FPT-AG04G active glasses and they arrived today. However, there is an issue with these as you have to wear them upside down to get the 3D effect to work. Obviously something to do with the polarisation of the shutters. Will try another version of the glasses and see what happens.

    • THX Tex

      UPDATE – Whoops! This is what happens when you don’t read the specs on things until it’s too late… AG03 glasses are IR not Bluetooth, and the build quality is really bad! Will probably chuck them back up on the internet to get rid. As of typing there still hasn’t been any come back from Argos.

    • THX Tex

      FINAL UPDATE? – Spoke to Argos Technical support as customer support know nothing other
      than to transfer people with enquiries to them (or best just to ask CS to pass you to TS straight away).

      They are aware of what’s happening with the TV and have taken my details to
      send the two pair out when they become available. Once they arrive from Argos additional pairs will be available on the
      British market. This should be “soon”!

      I’ve said that I’ll give them a month and
      I will get back in touch if nothing transpires.

      Apparently no other “universal” glasses are compatible either so I’m
      guessing the additional pairs will be at a premium price. That’s how they get

      At least I feel a little bit better about the situation, and that I don’t
      want to hit someone with the darn TV!

      Now, what to do with these 3 pair of incompatible glasses?

    • THX Tex

      UPDATE – Received the glasses this morning and have just tried them out on my kit. These ones need to be worn upside down too. I have informed Argos Technical Support. They’re going to test a pair and get back to me.

      • Paul Hume

        Hi THX Tex, any joy with Argos on which glasses to get yet? Have you got the product ID of the glasses they sent you? Upside down is better than nowt I suppose.

        • LMCG

          I would recommend going to argos cust service and ask them to supply you with the correct info about glasses so you can purchase some… this info is unavailable so ask them to phone Toshiba for it.. I did this yesterday and was handed the phone where the guy took my name/address and said 2 pairs would be sent out,, FREE OF CHARGE AS ITS A MANUFACTURERS MISTAKE AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED WITH THE TV
          RESULT !

        • THX Tex

          Sorry about the delay. I spoke to TS on Xmas Eve and they’ve advised me to take the TV back to the store and exchange it as they were saying that the options they were expecting weren’t there. Seemingly the Left/Right setting doesn’t work so they think that there’s a software and/or hardware fault. With it being Xmas I told them that I had no intention to go to the store until the beginning of January. I’ll go in the next couple of days. Weird thing is, I was bought a couple of 3D Blurays and they’re random as to whether the glasses can be used normally or inverted. Will see what happens when I swap the screen over.

        • THX Tex

          The additional ones I bought are Toshiba AG04G Bluetooth Active glasses. They work in the same orientation as the ones Agros sent out to me so they must be compatible, but with the alleged fault I’ll see what happens when I get the replacement screen.

      • Richard Jones

        Have you checked this setting on the TV?

        Switching left and right images
        The left and right eye shutter timing of the glasses
        can be swapped. If 3D images look blurred, switch
        the left and right sides of the 3D image.
        Press the
        button on the remote (if available) to
        3D Settings
        menu quickly. Select
        option using the Up or Down buttons. Press Left
        or Right buttons to set as

        • THX Tex

          Hi, yeah I tried that. It doesn’t work. I’ve been through 2 TV’s and 6 pairs of glasses. There does seem to be a fault within the software/firmware. Most of the time the glasses have to be worn upside down. However, not all of the time. I’ve got 3D BluRay’s where the glasses can be worn one way and then the next time the other way. It’s really weird. Sometimes if the disc goes on pause and a screensaver comes on the sync is lost and the glasses have to worn in the opposite orientation, regardless of the Left/Right setting.

    • THX Tex

      Chased up Argos TS – The TV has to be returned as they believe there’s a fault with it. When they were asking me to look at various menus the options they were expecting weren’t on the screen. Ah, well… This should be fun!

    • Aruna Pahuja

      Hi does this tv has amazon video app?

      • Scott Kelly

        unfortunatley not

      • THX Tex

        Not on the limited app store the TV has.

  • Scott Kelly

    theres no 3d glasses in the box, argos advertises there are 2 included

    • Rebecca kay

      We just purchased the tv and there’s no 3D glasses as mentioned in the description??

      • Kate

        There was glasses advertised with it but we didn’t get any either and now the description has changed …

        • Scott Kelly

          I’ve complained to argos its best practice if you order something online to take a screen shot, saves the company duping customers, then they cannot deny it, as it was in the public domain I can share the screen shot with you, so you can make a complaint to argos also

        • David Doak

          im currently arguing with them they are trying to tell me this isnt a 3d tv which is why i didnt get my glasses and ofc the description has since changed

        • Ricachang

          Can you share the pic please so that I can ask where my glasses are, I too saw it advertised with glasses but they pulled this from their website sharpish. One other question, audio out, I can’t get this connected to my amp, needs rca output.

      • mark

        I am thinking about buying this TV but am dubious surrounding lack of reviews. Is it any good?

        • Scott Kelly

          see above!

    • Nick

      How is the TV?

      • Scott Kelly

        see above

        • bobby

          How are the blak levels and contrast
          I’d just like a decent image. No grey where blacks should be.

    • Andrew

      What is the TV like though? Aside from the 3D issue (which I grant you is bad form on argos part) would you recommend it, are the smart features any good?

      • Scott Kelly

        the screen quality is good, DLNA is none existent/does if you stream 4K not work (works with 1080P), smart features well were are they, not very smart, does have some apps. also if u switch your surround system or sky on first then the TV does not find the signal, so you have to turn on the tv first (annoying). I’ve sent a complaint regarding the 3D glasses to argos as yet had no reply

        • Aruna Pahuja

          Does this tv has amazon video app?

        • Mark Coull