New Black Ops 3 Zombies XP event this weekend

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2015

We have some good news for zombie players now, as following on from the Double XP weekend in Black Ops 3, we now have confirmation that you will want to play as much as possible this weekend as well.

Last weekend we had Double XP for zombies in relation to your zombie level. Now, this weekend starting on Thursday November 26, you will be able to earn double XP specifically for your zombie weapons.

That means if you are currently working on levelling up certain weapons bought from the wall in Shadows of Evil or The Giant – you will earn double the amount of XP when it comes to unlocking attachments.


This is a big deal as many players are now choosing to focus on certain weapons from walls, as opposed to solely buying from the weapon box which is always a gamble.

Confirmation that the Double Weapon XP Weekend also applying to zombies can be seen above from Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar. Let us know if you will continue to play zombies this weekend to get double XP for your weapons.

How many attachments have you unlocked so far for a particular weapon?

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