Linx Light 10-inch 2GB and 16GB specs confusion

By Peter Chubb - Nov 25, 2015

Whenever you see a model of a tablet, there are always some things that confuse some of you that are not up with technology. We do not think this is a bad thing at all, as not everyone wants to know everything, just the basics. We say this because there are some of you out there that have seem the Linx 2GB 16 10″ being spoken about, and are uncertain about what this model actually is.

After some initial digging, we can tell you that this is the Linx Light 10 is a budget Windows tablet, which comes with 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. Please do not let the limited storage put you off, as you can increase this with a microSD card slot.

What confuses us about these specs is that there does not seem to be any Linx Light 10 reviews out there, or any information at all come to that. However, we do know that Sainsbury’s will be selling this tablet in a couple of days time, and so maybe it might be exclusive to them.

Linx 2GB 16GB 10 specs

The reason we think this is because a quick search on the official Linx website shows there to only be one 10-inch tablet model, which comes with double the storage, so 32GB instead of 16GB. So does this mean the Light model is exclusive to the UK supermarket, or just an old model. Having said that, with no details of the Lite model at all, we tend to go with the former opinion.

We might have another suggestion as to why this tablet is being advertised as a 16GB model, and that is the fact that while it might have 32GB of storage onboard, there is only around 16 gigabyte free because of Windows 10 being installed, along with a few pre-installed apps. We are not saying this is correct, it’s just a suggestion.

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  • William Scullion

    Petter from above a quick search on linx ok thats the answer what about Google Bing Yahoo Microsofts own page if you had take your quick search a bit further you would realise this products a ghost and your a proffesional blogger .

  • William Scullion

    Yes me also the windows 10 is far to big for a 16gb hard drive runs jittery also the only place u can get this is at sainsburys there a ghost on the whole web i think it china fake surly microsoft wouldnt make a blunder like this!

  • Benn Berrigan

    I have bought one of these from sainsburys. It does have only 16gb memory, and a smaller battery. And no office subscription. My problem with the tablet is that it constantly gives me a low memory warning, even when the only app open is the browser, with only a single tab open. Very annoying, it states it has 2gb of ram, but this seems to be used very easily. I am returning this is a let from r a refund as it must be defective.

    • DaveB

      I bought one of these a couple of days ago too and after one round of Windows updates.. it is already out of drive space to continue. More updates are waiting towit Windows reports it needs 5.06gig to install them. After the first lot.. I have just over 3gig left. Rubbish. I think it’ll be going back too