Ebay app down with sign-in not working on Nov 25

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2015

We can see that the Ebay app is down on November 25, with many shoppers complaining that they can’t sign in to Ebay right now at all.

It looks like Ebay is still accessible through desktop to some, but completely down for others and specifically the Ebay mobile app down in UK as the biggest issue.

A quick check on live feedback via social media confirms that this is an ongoing problem right now with many users in the same situation.


We have not seen any official statement on the Ebay Twitter page so this is happening at the time of writing and Ebay’s team may not be aware of it.

As we look to see how widespread this problem is, let us know if you cannot sign into Ebay.co.uk, or the Ebay App on November 25.

We will provide Ebay server status updates as necessary once we gather more information for you. Leave your current status below if Ebay is down in your region.

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