Celcus 50-inch Freeview HD smart TV review mystery

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2015

We have some useful information to share for you now, on the Celcus DLED50272FHDCNTD 50″ Full HD Smart LED TV, sold in the UK at certain retailers and at supermarkets such as Sainsburys.

This 50-inch Celcus Full HD Smart Led TV comes with HD Freeview as standard, while it also offers a full HD resolution of 1080p as well.

It’s fully Smart TV supported out of the box, with built-in WiFi enabling you instant access to apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and a standalone web browser.

Other Celcus DLED50272FHDCNTD specs include 3 HDMI ports, a 5000:1 contrast ratio, USB input for media mode and preset picture modes for Gaming and Live Sports.

What we wanted to talk about specifically though, is the fact that the official listing for this TV does not mention anything about what refresh rate the Celcus DLED50272FHDCNTD has.

It is rather strange to see this piece of crucial information purposefully omitted, as this is important for consumers to know – especially for those planning to use this model as a gaming TV for PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


Fortunately, we have taken a look through the Celcus DLED50272FHDCNTD TV product manual and we can confirm that it offers a standard 50Hz refresh rate.

It looks like the TV will be able to go up to 60Hz when gaming, but not natively which could lead to a loss of quality on certain games.

Another potential worry for you, is that currently there are no Celcus DLED50272FHDCNTD reviews online to be seen – anywhere.

We know that this model could be offered for a low price towards the end of the year, but you’ll have to hold on if you are looking for feedback on what other buyers think about the brand and this particular model.

Are you considering this 50-inch Freeview HD Smart TV from Celcus? If so, we invite you to leave your thoughts below and whether you are worried about the refresh rate being missing from the official product listing and instead hidden away inside the user manual.

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  • Del B

    Bought a Celcus 48″ 4K full HD TV from Sainsburys last month for £349. WHAT A BARGAIN. Excellent build quality, Picture is really good quality and the menu system is easy to negotiate. Comes Wi-Fi enabled and the set-up is dead easy. Only annoying thing is that it doesn’t come with the Amazon Prime facility installed and I can’t download the app to the TV. Apart from that, the TV is amazing considering the price compared to the more well known models like Sony and LG.

  • bi;lly joe

    hi can you add more apps to this tv

    • Del B

      No unfortunately you can’t but an Andriod box will sort you out!

  • David Bavington

    Its actually a Vestal. Also sold as a Bush, Digihome, Phillips and Toshiba. I bought one for 300 pds as well yesterday. Seems ok for the money. Doesnt have ITV, 4 or Chn 5 on demand nor Amazon prime. Netflix HD quality first class

  • terry

    I have just got mine 30/12/15 from sainsburys ,,,,what a bargin,,for £300,,,all works great,,,

  • Michael

    If like me, you spent a while stood in Sainsbury’s trying to find a review before you bought this TV and couldn’t find one… Hopefully this will help!

    I got this today as an impulse buy, £300 for a 50 inch smart TV.. Why not right? I have to say I have been really surprised!

    It’s good build quality, the menu system is feature rich and very responsive, the picture qualify is excellent (used it on normal TV, playstation 4 and AVI movie from USB) sound is fine too.

    What really surprised me is that it has built in wireless to connect to the Internet, I had to buy an adaptor for my much more expensive Samsung TV! The menu system is faster than my Samsung and it has a cool Netflix button on the remote.

    Overall I am delighted with it, what a bargain!

  • Steve

    No reviews, no refresh rate listed and not even any proper pictures on the website. Seems dodgy! Anyone bought one of these before?