Volvo In-car Delivery to ease Cyber Monday stress in Sweden

Amazon and Audi had tested a an-car delivery system earlier this year, but it is Volvo that are first to implement this service. The Volvo In-car Delivery service has been released just in time to try to ease stress caused by Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

Before you get too excited, it is worth pointing out that this service is only available in Sweden for now, although if it proves successful, then we suspect it will be rolled-out in other European countries.

Volvo has teamed up with PostNord, which is a leader in communication and logistics supplier that runs and, who supplies toy and baby goods and online groceries respectively.

Volvo In-car Delivery in Sweden

Many of you hate the thought of going shopping, and when ordering online, you have to make sure you are at home, which is often tough to do.

However, with this new service, you can have your order delivered to your Volvo car, this could be at work, in a car-park or anywhere else you have parked it.

This service works by given them access to your vehicle with a one-time only code on a digital key that can get into your car. More details on just how this works can be found on the Volvo Newsroom website.



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