Official Tesla Model X interior configuration price list

We are pleased to tell you that the Tesla Model X is finally available for the public to reserve theirs, with three variants available to you. These are the 70D, 90D, and P90D, with pricing starting from $80,000, although there are to be incentives to help bring that price down. We know that there is to be a federal tax credit of $7,000, although uncertain what sort of incentives there will be in countries such as the UK.

It was not too long ago that we looked at the interior options, but we now have the official Tesla Model X interior configuration, and its price list.

Let’s say you want that third row of seats, this will cost you an extra $3,000 on top of that base price. However, if you wish to make it seven instead of six seats, that’s going to cost you $4,000.

Tesla Model X interior price list

Tesla’s contraversial Autopilot feature will set you back $2,500, which is not too bad once the bugs are ironed out.

Other Tesla Model X optional extras include air suspension, premium package, premium sound system, subzero weather package and the towing pack, prices of who are $2,500, $4,500, $2,500, $1,000 and $750 respectively.

For those of you that are considering buying one, you will first need to reserve your Model X by leaving a deposit, where you should expect deliveries to start from mid 2016, but only for the P90D model. If you want the 90D and 70D models, those will follow in late 2016.



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