FIFA 16, NBA 2K16 price at Best Buy Vs Walmart

If you still do not own FIFA 16 or NBA 2K16, but are looking to buy both during the sales period, we have a quick heads-up to say that both Walmart and Best Buy will be going to war to offer you the best price.

The result of this war is a win win situation for you the gamer, as it appears that Walmart has pulled out all of the stops to ensure that they will have the best FIFA 16 and NBA 2K16 price ahead of Best Buy.

Without further ado, we can reveal that Best Buy will soon be offering both games for $29.99 each which is already an amazing $30 off the usual price of $60 – which is standard price for all big game releases such as FIFA and NBA.


Not to be outdone though, Walmart are planning to offer the game for just $27 which is even more impressive.

It’s actually crazy to see both games under half price so early on as both are still being played heavily at the moment – so you should take advantage of it whilst stock is available.

Head in to both stores and online to take advantage of this special price starting from Thursday. Let us know if you will be heading down to Walmart or Best Buy to grab both games for under $30 each.



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