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Dell software update instead of manual eDellRoot Certificate removal

When news broke that Dell had been shipping out laptops with a security flaw in them, it was obvious that owners would be thinking about the Lenovo Superfish issue from earlier in the year, but Dell’s problems are not the same.

This issue is to do with the SSL certificate, which programmer Joe Nord had come across. Affected owners are now getting to know the problem that is called eDellRoot.

We already know that Dell is working on a software update to fix the eDellRoot Certificate issue, which would be the preferred way because of how easy it will be.

eDellRoot Certificate Removal Instructions

However, for those that cannot wait, there is the option of the manual eDellRoot Certificate removal from Dell, details of which can be downloaded here.

We have to warn, that this process is not an easy one, and so if you do not feel confident and are not too worried about the security issue, then you might want to wait for Dell to release the software update to resolve the issuealthough we have no idea how long that will be.



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