Apple Pay in India eagerness following China launch date

Apple Pay has yet to come to India, although we do know that it was one of the next countries to get this mobile payment service. However, there are now signs that it could happen in the coming months, as there are reports that Apple Pay will launch in China by the beginning of February 2016.

It’s obvious that Apple will want to launch its payment service in China, as this is seen as a large, and new market to break. It is for this very reason why China will get Apple Pay support before India.

However, this news will be met in India with a great deal of eagerness, as surely it has to come after China, as India is also a growing market?

Apple Pay in China launch date

Let’s not get too excited though, as Apple has a few hurdles to jump in order to bring its payment service to China, as there are many regulations it needs to pass first. Many government agencies oversee e-commerce in the country, and so we just have to wait and see how it goes.

Charges for Apple Pay in ChinaWSJ is uncertain how much Apple would charge for purchases made in China via the mobile payment service, and so this will need to be negotiated. Apple might charge less than it does in the US than in China, as a way to break that untapped market. The fees in the US are currently 0.15 percent per credit card transactions and 0.5 cents for debit transaction.

As always, Apple has yet to make an announcment, and so we just have to play the waiting game.



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