Star Wars Battlefront PS4 as lead platform highlighted by stats

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2015

In a surprising piece of news to share, it has been claimed that there are more Star Wars Battlefront players online on PS4 than PC and Xbox One players combined.

In a DICE developed game, there would have been many opting for the PC version of the game to enjoy a higher quality of graphics and more importantly, a game that could be tuned personally by PC owners who had the hardware to experiment with different settings.

This luxury isn’t afforded on console of course, but despite that a recent report has suggested that the majority of Battlefront players are playing from Sony’s console.

Data gathered by P-Stats has concluded that over a 24 hour peak period there were 183,329 players from the PS4 version. In comparison, PC had a peak of just 48,292, while the Xbox One community reached a peak of 104,993 players.


That means that PS4 had more activity than other platforms combined and if verified by Sony it could be seen as a massive victory over their rivals.

Then again, some may not be surprised about this as it was as far back as E3 2015 when EA confirmed that the PS4 would be the lead platform over PC and Xbox one.

Time will tell how these player numbers will convert into actual sales figures between the three platforms. If Sony does have a landslide victory over Xbox and PC though, you can bet that we will see another video to celebrate.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised due to the fact that PS4 has more players on Battlefront than PC and Xbox One combined?

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