Resident Evil 6 PS4, Xbox One release divides opinion

While many Resident Evil fans are holding out for news of a Resident Evil 3 remake for PS4 and Xbox One, we can see heavy rumors suggesting that Resident Evil 6 could be next in line for Capcom’s remaster treatment.

Despite no official announcement by Capcom yet, Resident Evil 6 for PS4 and Xbox One has already been rated over in Korea.

When a game shows up on a ratings board, it is usually a good indication that a release is following soon. With Capcom making no big fanfare about it yet, it could also assume that Resident Evil 6 on PS4 and Xbox One could just be the entire original game rather than a remake, but with a boost up to 1080p visuals.


We can already see that there is mixed reactions about this though on social media. While some are pleased about this remaster, others believe that RE6 is the ‘worst’ out of the back catalogue and that Capcom should focus on bringing other titles back rather than 6.

If Capcom really wants to surprise fans, maybe a remaster or remake of Resident Evil Outbreak would have been better served than dishing up a RE6 port instead.

As we wait for the official announcement on this, give us your reaction below. How do you rate Resident Evil 6 compared to other past titles and would you get it for PS4 and Xbox One assuming the ratings leak is correct?



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