Bush 40-inch 4K UHD Freeview HD Smart TV 50Hz warning

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2015

We have some information for consumers to share now, on a budget 4K TV that Argos are planning to sell this month from manufacturer Bush.

This is the Bush 40-inch 4K UHD Freeview HD Smart LED TV which is available to buy now from Argos for £349.99 – an extremely good price for a TV that can output at 4K 3840 X 2160 resolution.

There is however some warnings to take on board for this Bush LED403040HDT2 model should any of you wish to buy one.

The main point that we wanted to highlight is that this TV only has a refresh rate of 50Hz. This means that this TV may not be suitable for those that are specifically looking to buy this model as a gaming TV for PS4 and Xbox One gaming.


The reason for this is that with a 50Hz refresh rate, you are going to have problems getting the best picture quality for games that run at 60FPS. While many PS4 and Xbox One games are still 30FPS, there will be a point when 60FPS becomes the standard across many games and a 50Hz display won’t result in the best quality.

If you just want this for watching Freeview HD though, you are going to be fine. Other Bush LED403040HDT2 specs include Smart TV support, so you will be able to download apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Another word of warning though, it looks like this TV does not support the BBC iPlayer, as Argos has mentioned on their support listing for this model that there is an ongoing technical problem specifically with the iPlayer.


Elsewhere, there’s 4 HDMI ports, HDMI 2.0 support, PC input to convert into a PC monitor, USB support for media playback and a dual-core processor powering the OS – not a quad-core.

For those that want to know what other buyers have said, you can read through some 2015 Bush 40-inch 4K UHD Freeview HD Smart LED TV reviews here.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that we have found the official product manual, which you can download here – direct link.

Let us know your thoughts on this TV and if you are thinking about buying one this year. Is the 50Hz refresh rate a concern for you or not?

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  • does it run at 50hz in 1080p

  • Simon James Moore

    Can anyone help with a solution to getting Netflix to work through this TV. It doesn’t connect by pressing the big Netflix button or by going through the inbuilt browser, as I just get the nw-2-5 error message and have tried everything 🙁

  • Jose Henrique

    I’m having a bad experience with this TV. The TV keeps turning itself off. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the reviews before.

    • Paul Taylor

      What did you do with your TV? I have purchased one, and it does the same thing i.e. turns off to standby after about 20-30 seconds. Very annoying. I’ve only had it 4 days. Did you manage to exchange / return yours?

      • Jose Henrique

        I got a new Sansung. They did ask anything about what had happend with the TV. It was really annoying ,such an expensive TV and load os problems. You can find some bad reviews on argos uk website as well.

        • Paul Taylor

          yeah, I saw some of the bad reviews on Argos website, but they indicated issues when using the TV to watch Netflix etc. I am using the TV purely as a 4K monitor for my PC so thought this wouldn’t affect me. I have emailed Argos, but I think I will just box it back up and take it back. Hopefully I can find a 4K alternative which isn’t going to cost a load more. Thanks

        • Jose Henrique

          My problem started after 3 days playing with the PS4.

      • Spam Spam

        software update fixes this problem.

        • Paul Taylor

          I can confirm that the Software Update fixes the issue. I contacted Argos and there is a batch with bad firmware, which won’t download the update from the internet. So they sent the firmware to me on a USB stick and the TV works like a dream now. Brilliant TV now 🙂