Xbox Games with Gold December 2015 hype after BC

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2015

The Xbox Games with Gold December 2015 free games on Xbox One are going to take on extra significance next month, as it will be the first month of Games with Gold after the launch of backwards compatibility on the system.

What this means is that Xbox One owners will get their usual two free games a month, but it also means that the two games made available on Xbox 360 will also be playable on Xbox One thanks to BC.

That results in a total of four free games that Xbox One owners get to enjoy every single month starting from now and we can see that many of you are very excited about it.

To recap, last month Microsoft offered Pneuma: Breath of Life and Knight Squad on Xbox One, while Dirt 3 and Dungeon Siege 3 were offered on Xbox 360.


It goes without saying that a AAA game for December would be the icing on the cake. If Microsoft makes another big game available on Xbox 360 for free then it will also be available on Xbox One making it an extremely attractive proposition.

Previously many gamers were saying that PS Plus was the service that offered the most, but we have a feeling that Microsoft are now starting to change those perceptions as backwards compatibility is a massive deal.

As we countdown to the Xbox Games with Gold for December 1 2015, tell us what you want to see to add to your growing collection.

Do you agree that the ability to play the Xbox 360 games on Xbox One upon release next month is a game-changer for you?

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  • Barrie Wilson

    I think Forza 5 would be a great deal for xbox one owners and Metal slug for everyone. It might boost sales for xbox one if microsoft do give away a Triple a game.

  • JeffSwift

    Hopefully they stop throwing AC down my throat if I wanted a game that played itself is give my Xbox away, borderlands I heard may be playable on Xbox one played through 3 times I can only hope its more.

    • I have been playing BL as part of the preview program, runs just like it did on the 360. I got the GOTY disc and it plays all the DLC.

  • tommyt

    I think they should do something like 2 standard indie games for the XBO and then 1 indie and something like AC Rogue for the 360 that way we get it as well technically and everyone is happy!

  • TXF

    It’s nice that Xbox One owners get 4 games a month now. But in the mean time, 360 users are still stuck with 2. Kinda sucks. Not all of us have the money to upgrade to a new console, and now the the Xbone has yet another advantage over 360. Great for Xbone owners and people that can afford to upgrade. Sucks for those of us stuck behind on 360.

    • Trevor wilson

      Well dude you gutta look at it this way, games like Assassin’s Creed Unity BARELY ran on the xbox one, What makes you think any developer would even attempt to make it on the 360. The Xbox 360 is a very old console in terms of hardware and as newer games come out, they get more demanding and the 360 just can’t handle it. And as far as what you were saying about Xbox One having more advantages over the 360… YEA Obviously they’re many many many many more advantages as it is a new system. They’re not gunna dim the Xbone down so 360 owners can feel like they have more. And I’m not acting like a snob but $300 isn’t exactly what I would call a winning lotery ticket. What I’m saying is the Xbox One is not out of this world expensive so if you REALLy want one, then save some dough and buy one.

    • I would understand your complaints regarding “abandonment” by microsoft’s and developer’s part for the xbox 360 if it was a new system, but since the new generation of consoles has been out for 2 years now there is no way to make that complaint seem even a little bit sensible. Of course they are pushing the new system to make it more attractive for consumers. It’s time to say goodbye to the decade old system.

    • Evan Lorts

      That excuse is way past over used. It costs more for them to keep supporting the 360..a lot of us paid 500 at launch with no added guys are getting them now for 350 and free games bundled..time to save some money and upgrade and time to stop complaining about them stopping support of a old system. It’s been 2 years man

  • It should be about the games

    Not really a game changer but it does add something extra to Xbox One owners like me. BC will only succeed if the developers that make the games people want get on-board, and so far there have been some noticeable exceptions – Rockstar being a prime example by saying they are not interested in it. Which is surely a shame as Red Dead was one of the most asked for games.

    • Patrick Aloysious O’Boyle

      Since everyone voted to play it on the One, they will probably release a remastered anniversary edition, for at least $30. Give it away, or charge $$…thats on Rockstar.


    I’m hoping for a mix between Halo Wars, Mirror’s Edge, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Skate 3.