Mercedes GLC hydrogen fuel cell release, price expectations

The hybrid was considered to be the best option for several years when it came to offering a car with greater fuel-efficiency, but we know that the better option is hydrogen fuel cell cars. We already know that several carmakers are already working on their versions, and Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that its hydrogen fuel cell should be ready to go in sale within 2 years.

If this is correct, then we can expect the Mercedes GLC hydrogen fuel cell release date to be sometime in 2017 by the latest – if all goes to plan that is.

Mercedes GLC hydrogen fuel cell price expectations – While we do not have a precise price seeing as though the vehicle is still 2 years away, the German carmaker is hoping to set the price around £50,000 for the UK market. This might seem a lot, but then you are not only getting a luxury car, but also one that has cutting edge technology to help reduce fuel costs.

Mercedes GLC hydrogen fuel cell price expectations

Speaking of which, Mercedes believes that its GLC fuel cell model should be able to achieve roughly 363 miles on a full tank of hydrogen, which is based on the use of the battery as well. And, you should be able to fit that tank back up to full in 3 minutes.

Autocar believes that this name of this upcoming model will be called the GLC F-Cell, and we should expect its launch to happen at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show.



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