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Marvel Future Fight Alliance Battle max score and reward

For those that are enjoying the Marvel Future Fight Alliance Battle mode, we wanted to show you what the end prize is as we’re sure most of you want to know what you get if you manage to reach that far.

Alliance Battle is not easy, as it requires you to have a full team of level 60 characters, fully geared and fully maxed out to stand a chance of progression.

While some of you may be happy amassing scores of 50-80,000, we can tell you that it looks like the best score in Future Fight Alliance Battle that you can get is 280,000.

The prize for this is 20 biometrics of a random Agents of Shield character, as you can clearly see from the screenshot below.


On top of this, we can confirm that it is possible to get this kind of score without using crystals to recharge – but to do that you need to be prepared for a 40 minutes+ battle.

You also need to be using characters such as Loki and Groot to stand a chance, since Loki is now the best character in the game in terms of damage output and survivability, while Groot is essential for healing characters back to full health.

Using this strategy, you can simply rinse and repeat until you get a top score. Some of you may not have known that you can actually finish Alliance Battle.

A video we have included below courtesy of YouTuber Eugene Jandusay shows that once you get to a certain point, defeating the beast boss will clear Alliance Battle.

The video below ends with a final score of around 260,000, but you can see that with more damage it is possible to get the jackpot of 280,000 and those 20 free bios.

Let us know what you think of this and what your current top score is in Alliance Battle.



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