Elio Motors P5 delivery date excitement in latest progress

By Peter Chubb - Nov 20, 2015

Update: We got some of the information wrong about how many seats the P5 has, and assumed it would not offer the same creature comforts of a vehicle like the Prius. We have since updated this.

People have been wondering of late what the latest Elio Motors P5 progress is, and so it was nice to see that the company is at the LA Auto Show this week. You know when progress is going well when this concept vehicle is now being shown in one of the main areas of the event, and not in the basement. However, there is still a way to go.

Elio Motors has been sharing some new details on its P5, which has added further excitement to its projected delivery date, which is expected to be around 12 months from now, although only for those that have already pre-ordered the P5.

Elio Motors P5 progress

The Elio Motors P5 fuel economy target is 84 miles per gallon, although there is still a way to go to achieve this. The company has said its results currently stands at 81.6MPG, although these are based on software projections.

However, they are now being more realistic and saying that no matter what happens, the P5 will be able to achieve more than 75 miles per gallonwhich is still very good. Although, they still plan to do everything they can to get more than 80MPG.

Do you think that figure is impressive when you consider it only has 2 seats, and the Toyota Prius achieves around 50 miles per gallon, and it comes with 5 seats. However, the Elio does come with the creature comforts you get from a standard family-size car.?

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  • Greg Burris

    Still waiting to see a hard, concrete number for release date… then I’ll believe Elio is on the level, the way things are people, and business are today, looking more n more like a scam.. just say’n. I hope to buy one but until I see them on the road first.

  • Cris Cassity

    The 3 wheeler has TWO SEATS! How do people get paid to write articles with no knowledge of what they are covering? This is the third article I’ve read calling the Elio a single seater.

  • rogwild

    – Elio Motors is not a ‘New Company’, they’ve been around since 2008, and have a
    – – Just remember, back on (Sep 6, 2013); “Founder Paul Elio told Red
    River Radio that 25 prototypes are – under construction — in
    Detroit as the company enters into the product testing phase. “
    (Never happened, and they still have not started “construction”or
    “testing” )
    – – (Jan 11, 2014) When asked directly; “You will actually be delivering
    Production vehicles of this car, WHEN?” Paul Elio answered, “
    First Quarter of 2015!” (Never happened)
    – – BEWARE — Elio Motors has been taking ‘RESERVATIONS’ for 2 ½ years, but is
    still short $230 MILLION needed to reach ‘production’. – Since
    2008 they have ‘raised’ and -SPENT- $70 million!
    – In fact, their $100 – $1,000 reservations DO NOT guarantee that you will ever
    get a vehicle; Elio Motors says: “ we are under no obligation to
    supply you with a vehicle.“
    – And when asked, they refuse to provide which ‘reputable financial institution’
    is responsible for their “Refundable” escrow account.
    – Even with the “$19 million collected for “reservations”, they have NOT
    BUILT nor TESTED one complete Pre-Production Prototype with operable
    systems to ‘validate their claims’ of fuel economy, or safety!”
    …. since 2008.
    – In the past, If you asked any ‘difficult’ questions, or express
    ‘discontent’ on their FaceBook page, it was [DELETED], and you were
    “BLOCKED”’; or the post was [HIDDEN] from the general readership
    (seen only by the ‘poster’ and ‘Friends’)!
    – Interesting ‘concept’; but NO WAY they will be in production and on
    the road, by Mid-2016, as they ‘claim’. – Their ‘Production Date’
    has already ‘slipped’ from Jun/Jul 2014 → 1st Qtr 2015 → 3rd Qtr
    2015 → to First ½ 2016! → 4th Qtr 2016 → End of 2016.
    – They have NOT demonstrated their “84mpg” and do not guarantee their
    ‘selling price’ of $6,800. They have never ‘demonstrated “at least
    75mpg” to QUALIFY for the ATVM LOAN. They are ‘fleecing’ our
    citizens.! Please do your ‘Homework’! Paul Elio said that they will
    be producing 179,000 vehicles the FIRST year (only 45,000 reserved in
    2 ½ years); so no need to “Reserve” … if you are ‘interested’!
    Mr. Paul Elio, gets $250,000 per year…… and has PRODUCED and SOLD

  • Arthur Burnside

    Nice to see that total ignorance about the Elio doesn’t prevent Peter Chubb from voicing an idiotic opinion. The Elio has every creature comfort the Prius does and has much more room for the driver than the Prius.

  • Terry

    Peter Chubb apparently has never seen the Elio. Peter, it has TWO seats.

  • Lex

    I can’t wait to get one. I much rather have this than a Prius for commuting. Love the concept and most of all the price. Great teenager vehicle too, less distracting with a friend behind them rather next to them.