2016 Fiat 124 Spider Vs Mazda MX-5 performance, price

The 2016 Fiat 124 Spider is to go head-to-head with the new Mazda MX-5, as it is clear to see by their design and specifications that these two are to be close rivals. The original Mazda Miata was released 25 years ago and this new generation model has made a welcome return. However, there is also a huge amount of excitement for the all-new Fiat 124 Spider, as this is only the second-generation model, although it’s been many years since the release of the original.

2016 Fiat 124 Spider Vs Mazda MX-5 – On paper the 124 has the MX-5 beat, as it makes use of the 1.4 liter engine taken form the 500 Abarth, compared to the naturally aspirated 2.0 liter Skyactiv engine in the MX-5. As for the performance figures, we can tell you that the Spider produces around 5 horsepower more at 160HP. It also generates 184 lb.-ft. of torque, which are around 40 more than the Mazda can manage. Fiat has yet to share data such as top speed or how fast the 124 Spider gets to 60 miles per hour from standstill.

2016 Fiat 124 Spider price

While we are unable to offer you the precise new Fiat 124 Spider price, it is expected to start from $26,500. This is very comparable to the Mazda MX-5, as its price starts at $24,915.

If you would like to compare the two in terms of their looks, then the Top Gear website has this cool feature where you are able to drag the slider across the image to see just how the two differ from each other in their exterior design.



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