Star Wars Battlefront price on Asda Direct live

We have an update to bring you now as we can still see that many shoppers in the UK want to know what the Star Wars Battlefront price on Asda Direct is online.

We told you earlier this week, that Asda did not offer any pre-order on the game in advance – unlike GAME UK and Tesco who were offering the game before launch.

Now though, with Star Wars Battlefront officially out we can see that Asda has now updated their website to let shoppers know that the game will be priced at £44.


This has been highlighted with a banner on the entertainment section of Asda Direct, although sadly it looks like you still cannot buy Star Wars Battlefront online on Asda Direct yet.

When you click that banner it does not take you to the order page, so either Asda are still working on the online orders for the game, or if the £44 is just a heads-up for their in-store price.

Either way, we wanted to let you know as Asda has only just updated their website with this information. Are you looking to buy Star Wars Battlefront from Asda or did you already buy the game elsewhere?



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