Samsung UN55J6201 55-inch Smart TV is 60Hz not 120Hz

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2015

Samsung TV models are going to be extremely popular this month, as consumers look for the best prices and opt to choose Samsung as their preferred brand, rather than take a risk on the influx of ‘budget’ brands that always pop up.

We now have a look at another model for you now, with a Samsung UN55J6201 55-inch Smart HDTV review – which is the model which many of you will be looking to buy over the course of this month.

This 55-inch TV isn’t 4K Ultra HD supported, but it does have Smart TV apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus at your disposal thanks to built-in WiFi.

Key Samsung UN55J6201AFXZA specs include a 55-inch LED display with a full 1080p resolution, 2 HDMI ports and a native refresh rate of 60Hz.

Be aware that this is advertised with Samsung 120 Clear Motion, but in reality this is a 60Hz native refresh rate that you are getting with this TV, which is still fine for the average consumer – although many always assumed that if 120 is advertised they believe it is 120Hz.


As this TV is Smart supported, you’ll also get a built-in web browser accessible through the menu, while Samsung also uses their Wide Color Enhancer feature to improve picture quality even more.

For those looking to read through some Samsung UN55J6201 reviews, you can read through Amazon’s page here but be aware that this is for the Samsung UN55J6200 model – which is identical to this one, only that it looks like Walmart has an exclusive on the Samsung UN55J6201 hence the slight change in number at the end.

You can also see Samsung’s product listing for this model here and download the manual if you need further insight before buying.

This TV currently holds a 4.3/5 rating on Amazon so clearly it’s a model which is favorable with buyers to give you a heads-up before purchase.

Are you interested in buying the Samsung UN55J6201 55″ 1080p 60Hz Class LED Smart HDTV up in November? Give us your thoughts on it and your opinion on the 60Hz Vs 120 Clear Motion debate that we always see with Samsung models.

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  • Neva Hdbabe Smith

    This TV is on Sale for a Month now at Fred Meyer with a Half Off Sale. Thinking oh what a great price now I know why! OMG the reviews, all 334 are awful reviews. That is horrible to think that a huge company like FRED MEYER is selling something that was built in 2015 & it’s now the end of 2017 & Trying to PAWN it off cheaply & it’s cheaply made. I wanted to buy this for my Autistic Nephew but If it broke too soon, or flustered him to be able to use it. It would make him SAD & me MAD. So what’s up with that SAMSUNG. I am a fan of Samsung Products till I read this… Egads.

  • Kyle De Melo

    I honestly I was thinking about getting this TV but since I found out its only 60hz …. I’ll keep my 55″ lg lb6300 as my living room TV which is 120hz …. I would of uses it as my bedroom TV but 60hz is not for my living room or my bed room. 60hz is the reason why old TVs have that soap opera affect and lots of newer UP TO DATE TVs are missing the soap oprea affect. Thank you for your ad.

    • Michael Rogers

      most tv that say 120hz have 60hz but the 120hz is handled by a processor to make it 120hz. there is only a few true 120hz tv .

      • Kyle De Melo

        Ya i now … im alittle nore educated now also i now own a samsung ks8500 which is true 120hz.. it was one of samsungs flahship models when samsung was using suhd line … right before they changed there flag ship name to qled vith still use a qauntuim dot display .. just the names chaged and a little ect