PS Plus December 2015 free games to beat Xbox BC

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2015

It’s that time again when we look ahead to Sony’s PS Plus December 2015 free games lineup on PS4 and PS3. Last month we didn’t get a AAA game, so with December being the month after all of the busy sales period, let’s hope that Sony are planning to drop a nice surprise for gamers with their next set of games.

So far, we haven’t had any PS Plus December 2015 game leaks which is good as it’s always nice to keep that suspense element – especially given that last month’s games were leaked in advance.

Sony also took their time longer than expected to announce the games, so hopefully history won’t repeat itself for December’s lineup.

The PS Plus December 2015 games on PS4 and PS3 should be going live on December 1, as this is the first Tuesday in December and Sony previously said that they would stick to this schedule moving forward – predictions can be seen here.

Sony offered Injustice and Hitman at this point last year, just to remind you!

Sony offered Injustice and Hitman at this point last year, just to remind you!

With this in mind, what are you hoping to see this time after Magicka 2 and Walking Dead Season 2 arrived on PS4 for November?

Just Cause 3 launches on December 1, the same date in which the new games should be available – however it is probably ‘too big’ to be under consideration for Square-Enix to simply give away for nothing.

It’s clear that many want to see a ‘AAA’ game as always, but would you be just as happy if Sony instead decided to offer four indie games for the month?

It’s also worth pointing out that December 2015 is the first month in which Sony has to try and match Microsoft who are now offering double the amount of games on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility which Sony states isn’t possible on PS4.

Simple question: Name the games you want to see which you think would beat the lineup on Xbox for December.

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  • eric

    microsoft just announced FIVE free games on gwg next month.. don’t think we’ll be getting that many lol.

  • knack

    I bet Sony will give everyone Knack finally..seems about right now.

  • noneofyourdamnbusiness

    This shithole, latinpost and Christiantoday all use the same tactics. Well done on reaching the journalistic heights of becoming click bait writers. Your parents must be so proud!

  • mrgrimme

    The title says “to beat” which infers that you ALREADY KNOW which games will be available.

    Making a devlaritive statement to advertise an article that is nothing but speculation is both misleading and simply poor content.

    This article is nothing but click bait


    Oh and Eric, what system Bob owns is irrelevant. His statement is valid even if his only system was a toaster.

  • eric

    Bob owns an Xbox I bet. Forgot they offered Injustice this time last year.. killzone shadow fall would be nice at last.

    • TheBusterMan

      KZ SF was pretty bad.I got it cheap,and couldn’t even finish it.The MP was fun for a couple of hours,but the game couldn’t hold a candle to KZ 3 on the PS3.

  • Bob

    this website is rubbish, completely mislabelled article once again (don’t know why I bothered visiting this site)