Destiny Vulture error code on Xbox One after 2.02

We can see that some of you have been having problems with the infamous Destiny Vulture error code on Xbox One after Bungie deployed their recent Destiny 2.02 patch.

We have seen this Vulture error pop up before earlier this Summer, but it appears that something with the latest patch caused the error to again appear and this time causing specific issues for those playing on Xbox One.

The connection to Destiny servers on Xbox One looks to be ok now, but we do have an update from Bungie who have now acknowledged the issues relating to the Vulture error code on Destiny.


The developer has said that they are investigating why it happened as you can see from a brief statement over on the Help section of the Bungie website.

Bungie has also asked affected players to fill out a form here, along with details of the error so that they can determine a possible fix to stop it happening in future.

As far as we’re aware, PS4 players were not seeing the Vulture error yesterday after the update so it will be interesting to find out what went wrong.

Did you get the Vulture error when connecting to Destiny servers on Xbox One hours ago? Let us know your status below.



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