Black Ops 3 servers down suddenly on all platforms

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2015

We were just enjoying a game of Black Ops 3 a few minutes ago, but we can see that for some reason, the Black Ops 3 servers are down again and there has been a change on the official Black Ops 3 server status.

Treyarch’s checker site has now changed to DEFCON 4, specifically with Black Ops 3 servers down on PS3. According to live feedback on Twitter, it looks like all platforms may have been hit even though the status checker still says “All online servers are fully operational”.

As far as we’re aware, there has been no prior heads-up from Treyarch on scheduled Black Ops 3 server maintenance for November 19, so we’re not sure what the issue is right now.


Take a look at the comments from BO3 players above to get confirmation that this is happening to a lot of console owners at the moment.

We’ll provide the latest updates here from Treyarch as we get it, but for now tell us if your Black Ops 3 servers on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 have just gone down in your region.

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