Black Ops 3 33.25.23 update for Free For All, Gun Game

We can see that there has been yet another stealth Black Ops 3 hotfix this week, and now we can bring you the changes for what Treyarch has added with the Black Ops 3 33.25.23 update notes for PS4 and Xbox One.

It was only recently that we told you about a previous BO3 33.19.20 hotfix which issued some weapon tweaks that Treyarch deemed necessary to implement.

Now, we have word that the current Black Ops 3 version 33.25.23 hotfix changes affect spawn points in Free for All with more than 8 players.


Treyarch has also fixed some stat loss issues when joining a game of FFA or Gun Game that is already in progress.

Other than that, the rest of the changes are undocumented. Remember that Treyarch will continue with these minor hotfixes until the game is ready for its next major update.

Are you a fan of these smaller updates, as long as there is always a heads-up on what has changed in the game?

Let us know if you have spotted anything else new on 33.25.23 that hasn’t been mentioned.



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