Vulcan 10.1-inch Excursion tablet VTA1005XB review

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2015

If you are specifically looking for a budget tablet to buy this month, we have another model for you to consider by taking a look at a Vulcan VTA1005XB 10.1-inch tablet VTA1005XB review.

This tablet is available to buy now from AAFES online for $189.99 which is a price reduction down from $250. The Vulcan 10.1-inch 1280×800 tablet has a quad-core processor, 32GB of memory and runs on Windows 10 so it is a very fast and capable device in terms of performance.

Specifically, the processor is an Intel Atom 1.83Ghz chip with 2GB of RAM and Intel HD graphics. More importantly though, the Vulcan Excursion XB tablet is a 2-in-1 device meaning that it serves both as a tablet and as a laptop since it comes with a detachable docking keyboard.

Rounding out the Vulcan VTA1005XB tablet specs are MicroSD support, touch display, front and rear cameras, 5-7 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 4.0, mini-HDMI, micro-USB and also a standard USB 2.0 port.


As you can see it is packed with features and you’ll also be pleased to hear that any purchases come with a 1 year subscription to Office 365 along with 1TB of Cloud Storage.

Read through some Vulcan VTA1005XB tablet reviews here to see what other buyers have said about this model. Those interested in further reading can head to the manufacturer’s website here – we’ve also got a direct download link for the Vulcan VTA1005XB tablet manual as well.

Is this a tablet that you want to buy this month? Let us know your thoughts on it and the best price that you have seen so far for this model.

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  • Arch Stanton

    It’s a great tablet until you want to do anything with it.
    Microsoft made sure that Windows 10 Home locks you out of preventing upgrades however after first upgrade it breaks the touchscreen functionality.
    Not only that there is NO support from the company down in MEHICO.

    They bought these tablets out of China, slapped their name on it and offer no support because they have no clue how it works.

    A simple solution is collect the required drivers around the net but they have no partnership because they aren’t the manufacturers of the product.
    Then you have the inability to change the OS because they have it locked down to use a proprietary UEFI setup that you can’t change.
    Set that with a bios that will not allow you to install a 64 bit OS despite having 64 bit processors.

    This is a paperweight to avoid if you want sound advice.