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Tinder down, not working with Facebook login cancelled

We can see that there are some surprise problems with Tinder down and not working on November 18 according to users. It appears to be a widespread outage at the time of writing, with no heads-up from the developers about scheduled maintenance.

Specifically, Tinder users are complaining that they keep seeing a Tinder ‘Facebook login Cancelled’ error message appearing on their screen when they try to login to the app.


We can also see that there has been no statement on the official Tinder Twitter page, which tells us that this is an ongoing problem that wasn’t planned.


Above is the confirmation that there are issues with the service, as you would expect with similar apps in the dating category with many users believing the world is over.

We’ll look for official status updates from the Tinder team, so keep checking back here over the next hour. In the meantime, tell us if your Tinder app is not working in your area and how long the service has been down for.



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