PS4 1TB Players Mega Pack Bundle UK pre-order, US MIA

We have a fantastic new bundle to tell you about and for once it appears that it is for UK gamers exclusively, with no information as of yet on if it will be available for the US.

Thanks to GameStop UK, you can now pre-order the PS4 1TB Players Mega Pack Bundle for Cyber Monday 2015 for the amazing price of £289.97.

This price includes the 1TB console along with 5 games which are God of War Remastered, Last of Us Remastered and the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection which bundles Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 into one package.


That is amazing value right there and to put it into context, GameStop currently charges £272 for the Destiny Taken King bundle and £270 for a FIFA 16 Xbox One bundle.

For just £20 more than the above examples you get 5 games thrown in which we think gamers are going to love. It is surprising to see that this bundle isn’t available in the US just yet, as usually the roles are switched and it is UK gamers who have to endure the US getting all of the good deals.

Not this time however. Let us know if you are interested in this special package, which basically offers you the ‘best of PS3’ PS4 bundle for those that missed out on that generation.

Pre-order the PS4 1TB Players Mega Pack from GameStop UK here, ready for delivery on November 30, 2015.



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