LG 65UF6450 65-inch 4K 120Hz Smart TV review

By Peter Chubb - Nov 18, 2015

Even though we have said that owning a 4K TV is not that important at the moment because of the lack of supported content, we don’t want to put you off in any way and feel we should tell you if there was ever a time to buy one of these UHD TV models, then November would be it.

Having already shared details of several LG 4K TV models, we thought we would highlight another for you, as we know this model is not the newest from the range, and therefore will be available from several retailers at a reduced price compared to when it was first released.

With this in mind we thought we would take a look at the LG 65UF6450 65-inch 4K TV.

LG 65UF6450 65-inch 4K 120Hz Smart TV price

First up lets look over the main LG 65UF6450 specs, which of course starts with its 65-inch, Ultra HD 3840×2160 screen, and TruMotion 120Hz refresh rate. To help keep that picture quality so great are other technologies at work, which consists of a Tru-4K Engine, Tru-4K Upscaler, Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching) and Real Cinema 24p.

There’s a Quad Core processor, webOS 2.0, the LG Content Store (App Store) and a Web Browser to complete those Smart TV features.

What we love about this TV is how you are able to switch back and forth between apps, TV shows and movies, something that we know you will do a lot of. You can also find what it is you want watch instantly, as it is all in one place, such as live TV broadcasts, the latest apps, video streaming services, and much more.

You can also use your Android or iOS mobile device to control this model, making it even easier for you if you cannot be bothered to use the larger, plastic remote.

As for our LG 65UF6450 65-inch 4K 120Hz Smart TV review verdict, we would say that this Television does have superb color accuracy at an angle, and awesome smart features. However, it has poor screen uniformity, a high input lag and the blacks are poor.

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  • Jafri

    Struggling to get one for $799 from walmart com last night. Website kick me out 6 time after hit place order button and the message say’s out of stock even it’s available and I am able to add to the cart also not accepting walmart card payment method I change that too but finally after spending almost 3 hours on my 7th attempt were available to buy just for$799 + Tax + 4 Year Protection Warranty, couldn’t find 65 4K UHD in such price under $1000 although same model 55″ listed $998 awaiting for pick.

  • John

    sold out as soon as the deal started. They had stock at 999.97, then it flipped to Cyber Monday prices and it sold out.

    • Rochelle Meyer Ramsey

      In my opinion it never was going to be offered at that price. At 630 it was sold out and then 637 back in stock? And then at about 706pm it changed price and said out of stock! NOT right Walmart! This is one pissed customer!

    • SPres

      I was able to get one for $799 on walmart com last night. I will say they did sell out really fast (2-3mins) but they definitely were available for $799….

  • Mike

    This 65 inch is currently on sale on BestBuy for $999.

    • usc402

      897 at fry’s and rumored to go down to 799 at Walmart and Amazon on Cyber Monday

  • djcelts

    There are going to be a number of black friday deals for this one (Kohl’s and Walmart), but I have heard that this specific model is not true 4k and will not play Netflix 4k. Is that true?

    • Curtis Wall

      Not sure how you would here a 4K tv is not “true” 4K, that would first be false advertising and LG would be in pretty deep for customers who payed for 4K. I am an owner of this TV, it is a fantastic set and does play Netflix in 4K even over wifi. This review did nail it perfect for this set, my only wish is that the blacks were darker but it is on par with the majority of LCD & LED TV’s out.

    • SPres

      I can confirm that this set CAN play and stream 4k content! Youtube and Netflix look awesome in 4k!!

  • Rob Lewis

    This does not have built in Bluetooth so how do you control it with a phone ???

    • jp

      Connect both TV and phone to WiFi

      • Rob Lewis

        Ok thanks LG has introduced bluetooth on the newer models an industry first the 60 inch has both currently 899 I did find the LG app that allows you control the 65, I think the bluetooth is a nice option as it allows connection of wireless keyboards and speakers

    • event