Black Ops 3 Double XP Weekend Nov 19-23 start and end time

Many Black Ops 3 players are asking when the next Double XP weekend for Black Ops 3 will be. Many had thought that it would be taking place the weekend just passed, but unfortunately gamers were kept waiting.

Now as we approach another weekend, we are pleased to confirm that Treyarch will be turning on their Double XP on BO3 across all playlists.

You may have missed it, but the over the weekend players did get the opportunity to participate in the popular Chaos Moshpit which includes pre-order map Nuketown into the rotation along with other smaller-based MP maps.


Now we know that Double Xp is coming this weekend, which should be between November 20-22. You can see a Tweet from the official Treyarch page teasing this possibility with a poll that has had over 70,000 votes in 9 hours.

It’s safe to say that the community are really looking forward to this as many players are already racing ahead with prestige badges while others are struggling to level up.

Are you looking forward to Double XP Weekend in Black Ops 3 – assuming for both zombies and multiplayer? Let us know what level you are at the moment and what your favorite setup is so far.

Update: We now have the official dates and times confirmed! Black Ops 3 Double XP will be active for both multiplayer and zombies from November 19 at 10am PT or 1pm ET, with the Black Ops 3 Double XP end time on Monday November 23 at 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern.



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