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Snapchat not working with connection down

We can see that there are currently problems with Snapchat down and not working on November 17 due to what looks to be a constant Snapchat connection problem.

When trying to sign in to the app, users may be met with the message: Snapchat ‘could not connect’ and to ‘check connection and try again’.

We’ve had a look at the official Snapchat Support Twitter page, but there hasn’t been any updates there for over 7 hours which tells us that it is not scheduled maintenance.


However as you can see from the images we have included here, Snapchat is down right now for many users in the UK and the US.

Are you having problems where it won’t let you sign in to the Snapchat app on November 17? Get in touch with us below and we’ll update this with status reports as necessary.

You may also want to keep an eye on the official Snapchat page here in case the developers decide to provide an update on this issue.



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