Fallout 4 crash fix for Monsignor Plaza quest

We have a word of warning for all Fallout 4 players now, as it looks like there are confirmed reports of the first serious Fallout 4 ‘game breaking bug’ that has been discovered in the game.

Message boards are getting flooded at the moment with many saying that the Fallout 4 Monsignor Plaza quest causes a crash to desktop on PC.

We are also hearing that the same quest causes an instant crash on PS4 and Xbox One as well, so it seems that Bethesda may need to issue a patch to fix this as soon as possible.


Specific details on the Monsignor Plaza quest crashing Fallout 4 can be seen over at the official forums here. It appears that there is a temporary Fallout 4 crash fix for the Monsignor Plaza quest on PC by entering a console command to reset the area but even then many players say that this is risky.

This obviously isn’t available on console so if this problem is happening to you, you may be stuck for a while until Bethesda fixes it.

This crash isn’t happening to every single user, but it does appear to be fairly widespread. Let us know if you have encountered this on your game and if you have found a working fix to get past the Monsignor Plaza quest and stop the game from crashing.



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