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Clash of Clans down for surprise Nov 16 maintenance

We can see that Clash of Clans is down for a surprise maintenance break on November 16, soon to be November 17 in some countries. We say surprise as the new CoC update isn’t expected until December and there has been no warning of maintenance on the official Clash of Clans Twitter page.

That means that the Clash of Clans servers may be having issues, or Supercell has discovered a bug that needs fixing through the night.

Then again, it is uncommon for the game to go down in the middle of the night European time so it will be interesting to see what the cause is.


Confirmation of Clash of Clans being down right now in US, UK and other parts of the world can be seen in the live feedback above from Twitter.

There still has been no update from the official CoC Twitter page on the maintenance at the time of writing, but we’ll keep you updated.

Is your game down at the moment or can you still sign in to Clash of Clans without any issues? Give us your status below and we’ll try to find out the cause.



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