Apple Pay update: Tesco Bank and TSB support

By Peter Chubb - Nov 17, 2015

Since Apple Pay was launched in the UK earlier this year, its support has been slow, but steady. There is some good news though because if you use Tesco Bank or TSB, then these finical institutions now support Apple Pay finally.

This support only went live today, which means if you use the MasterCard Tesco Bank card, then you will be able to use your supported iPhone or Apple Watch to make purchases linked with the card.

Apple Pay for Tesco Bank

What we find strange about this is the fact that there is still no Apple Pay support in Tesco stores, or in most of them not even standard contactless payment. It’s silly how the biggest supermarket chain in the UK is slow to support NFC technology.

As for TSB, there will be a special promotion for any of their customers using Apple Pay, as they will be able to earn 5 per cent cash back; full details of which can be found on the TSB website.

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