Xbox One Vs PS4 backwards compatibility video boast

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2015

Now that backwards compatibility is now live on Xbox One, Microsoft has failed to resist temptation to fire some shots directly at Sony, given that PS4 backwards compatibility is not going to be available.

You may recall that Sony released a now infamous clip on YouTube back in 2013, poking fun at Microsoft’s initial DRM crisis with the Xbox One before the u-turn.

That video went on to rack up over 15 million views on YouTube and now it looks like Microsoft want to take revenge on Sony thanks to their new major Xbox One feature which isn’t available on PS4.

Take a look at the video below, which clearly references Sony’s clip. It shows a user simply inserting a physical Xbox 360 disc into the Xbox One to emphasize how easy the feature works.


Then note the killer line as well, “How much does it cost?”“Nothing. Why would you pay for something you already own?”

Again that references the fact that PS4 owners still have to pay to stream older games via PlayStation Now even if they own them since inserting discs currently doesn’t work on the system.

Check out the new clip for yourself and let us know what you think about it. For reference sake we’ve also added Sony’s original video from June 2013 to let you compare.

Are Microsoft well within their rights to have a little dig over Sony given that this feature is a big deal to gamers?

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  • Admir Karalic

    Then you look at the Compatible Game list, in the 100 GAMES that are compatible, Most likely no one has any of them and even if they did, Halo Master Chief Collection is basically covering halo titles, GoW: Ultimate Edition is covering Gears, the only game I would love to play again is Forza 4 and Mass Effect 3… so I guess backward compatibility is not worth it for me 😛