Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass DLC anxiety in 2016

Those planning to pick up Star Wars Battlefront this week may be interested to know that the first DLC expansion pack for the game won’t be arriving until early 2016.

EA has just released some fresh details on the Battlefront Season Pass and now we know that the $49 pass will include a total of 16 new multiplayer maps spread across 4 different expansion packs.

On top of this there will be 4 new game modes, 4 new heroes and villains and the usual two week early access that we’ve seen from developers DICE in the past.


We can see that many people are already questioning whether the content is worth paying the extra $50 or £40 for, despite not yet seeing what it looks like.

There’s also some concerns on why the 4 new game modes are being kept as DLC and not in the base game at launch.

DICE has said that they will be revealing more details about the Season Pass content in the coming weeks and hopefully that includes some gameplay so gamers have a better idea of what is in store.

We have just hours to go until the launch, so let us know your thoughts on the decision over the Season Pass. Will you buy it in advance and trust DICE to deliver, or are you going to wait until you actually see footage of the content first?



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