Kia’s partially-autonomous car models get release target

Self-driving cars are all the rage at the moment, and not just for carmakers, as we know that Apple and Google are also working on one of their own. Some companies are already well ahead, whereas others still have a way to go, such as Kia.

Kia’s partially-autonomous car – The South Korean carmaker has been highlighting its plans, as they say that its line of partially-autonomous models will be on the market by 2020, and that full-fledged self-driving Kia cars won’t be released until 2030.

Kia partially-autonomous car

A total of $2 billion has been set aside by Kia to work on this project up until 2018, which will allow the company to develop the system needed for the Advanced Driver Assistance System, which is the system need for Kia’s partially-autonomous vehicles.

The issue is, the Advanced Driver Assistance System or (ADAS) is still very young and so needs a lot of work to not only become reliable, but also to alleviate the fears associated with taking the control of a vehicle away from the driver.

While it does seem a tough concept to grab at the moment, the more vehicles of this type on the road talking to each other, the safer it then becomes.

Visit the Kia Press Office to read the finer details in to the future project



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