Remove French flag overlay from Facebook profile, after Paris support

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 15, 2015

There’s been requests after millions have shown their support for Paris due to attacks, especially by those looking how to remove the French flag overlay from their Facebook profile picture. Yesterday, we posted details on how to change your Facebook profile picture to support Paris and today it’s clear some people want to know how to remove this overlay.

While many countries and websites like Amazon are showing 3 days of support for Paris, there will come a time in the next week most will want their old Facebook profile picture back without losing likes. In fact, this forum posting on the social network features one request already asking “I want to remove the French flag overlay from my profile pic, how do I do it?”.

In this situation, the Facebook user wants to show support for a certain amount of time and then remove the Facebook French flag overlay. If you have already changed your profile picture, you might not have seen the option to remove the flag overlay after a specified time and accepted changes too quickly.


Remove French flag overlay after a certain time – If you want to setup the overlay to end at a certain date or time, then head to this link and click “Try It” again. You will see at the bottom right a box stating “Never”, you can change this to 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week to have the French flag overlay end at the said timeframe.

Some users have wondered what they can do if they accidentally clicked “never”? The answer is pretty simple, as you only need to click “Try It” again and set a time for the overlay to end, or even change to your old picture and back to the overlay again through your profile page.

Leave a comment if you still have problems, although we’ve tried the above methods and they worked fine.

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  • Lary

    Hmm does this work if you took the picture directly through the flat overlay tool? Unfortunately I don’t have it in my camera pics due to that, but I really would like to have the original photo without the flag…

  • Sharon

    Can’t undo it!!!! driving me crazy

  • Gloria

    I didn’t click anything when I changed my profile with the filter two days ago and would like to change to the original, what I should do?

  • Scott Sproat

    i want it up for a long time-not forever, but we need to support france. i dont care if jews like it or not.

  • Scott Sproat

    there is a technical problem in transferring the flag to your profile pic. facebook was getting bombarded with messages.

  • Kelly

    How long is everyone going to leave the french flag overlay on their Facebook profile pic?

  • Mike

    I changed my FB profile picture yesterday and have just set it to end in 1 day, I guess this is when Amazon will likely remove the flag as well. Although, it could even stay there for a week.

  • Billy

    Thanks for this, I did setup yesterday and did it too quickly. I just clicked the try it button again and set to 1 week, so it should end then.