Super Smash Bros Cloud release date hype after trailer

Nintendo had an amazing surprise for fans today with the reveal of Cloud Strife joining the Super Smash Bros roster from Final Fantasy VII.

The iconic character has finally made it into a Smash Bros game and we now have the official Super Smash Bros Cloud gameplay trailer for those that missed the Nintendo Direct live stream hours ago.

The trailer is pretty epic too. Not only is Cloud arriving in the game, but he is also bringing an amazing FF7 stage with him too which looks to be based off Midgar.


We can see plenty of FF7 references in the game that Nintendo will be putting in, such as limit breaks, summons, Chocobos and what looks to be confirmation of Omnislash as Cloud’s Final Smash move in Smash Bros.

Basically all of the elements that would make hardcore FF7 fans go wild, have been put into this character appearance and we can’t wait for Cloud to arrive.


Unfortunately the only thing missing was information on when Cloud is out for Super Smash Bros. Early rumors suggest the Super Smash Bros Cloud release date could be in December, but Nintendo has not confirmed anything in concrete yet so we may have to wait until early 2016.

What is your reaction to Cloud coming to Smash Bros, are you happy to drop money on this whatever the cost? Enjoy the trailer below if you missed it and leave your thoughts below.



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