Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow 3DS release date joy

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, Nintendo made a surprise announcement during the latest Direct broadcast which aired just hours ago – recap it here if you missed it.

The big announcement was that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are coming to the 3DS at last, in the form of Virtual Console re-releases in 2016.

It isn’t the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow remakes that many had hoped to see instead, but at least we are now on the right track and many fans will still be very happy.

Even better, we can confirm that the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow release date on 3DS will be 27th February 2016revealed by Nintendo Europe.


Many of you are wondering how sharing will work since the old GameBoy link cables are now an ancient artefact. Nintendo has confirmed that you will be able to use the 3DS wireless network to trade Pokemon as you would with recent titles – fantastic that they have gone into the game’s original code to make this possible.

The only two factors that we are thinking about right now – how much will these cost on the Virtual Console and will the Missingno exploit still be in the game?

Give us your reaction to the news and whether you will be getting all three for a much needed injection of nostalgia.



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