Fallout 4 Road to Freedom quest, how to join Railroad

If you are playing a lot of Fallout 4 but wondering how to join the Railroad and finish the Road to Freedom quest, then we have some information now for Product Reviews gamers that might save you a little time. After waiting years for Fallout 4, you might enjoy the tougher parts of this game and those that need a little help can find this within a walkthrough video.

We have featured a recently uploaded guide below this post, which looks at how to join the Railroad in Fallout 4 and finishing the Road to Freedom quest. The shadowy Institute can be seen as one of the hardest to make friends with out of the four factions in Fallout 4.


You need to start a hidden quest to join the Railroad, also after finishing this quest without any clues you will then be able to complete the initiation mission. Some might wonder what’s the point, but trust us when we say the rewards are worth it thanks to being able to recruit Deacon as your companion.

Take a look at the short 7-minute walkthrough below to be guided through this process, then let us know what you think about the Freedom quest and of course your reward Deacon, as your companion. Remember to follow Product Reviews, our Facebook and Google Plus accounts bring readers the latest gaming news for all consoles.



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