Xbox One November 2015 update with missing feature

We have a quick heads-up to remind all gamers that the new Xbox One update is coming very soon. If you still do not know, the Xbox One November 2015 update will be bringing backwards compatibility as its main feature but also it will be dropping one feature too as we’ve just found out.

Microsoft has just confirmed that when the new Xbox One update is out on November 12, it will not have support for Kinect gestures any more.

Currently, users are able to gesture with their hands to navigate around the dashboard UI. However, Microsoft has now said that because this feature was not used enough by the community – they have decided to scrap it with the new Xbox One Experience.


Mike Ybarra from Microsoft has also said that with this month’s update, the company has prioritized features that users have been asking for – so with nobody using Kinect gestures frequently they have removed it.

The important thing to note is that Microsoft are willing to bring it back should users step up and demand its return.

Reminder of when the update is live can be seen here. Let us know your thoughts on Kinect gesture being killed off – are you surprised and disappointed with this move, or actually happy about it?

Once the update is live, you can also tell us what other features are missing which you had hoped to see.



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