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New Uber driver app update with TomTom data

The Uber driver app is getting an update, as TomTom has signed up to provide the map data for them, in a multi-year deal.

It’s a great deal for Uber, as the company knows that making use of TomTom’s advanced map-making technology will be good for its drivers, especially for its live traffic information, which will help cut travel times down.

This deal applies worldwide, and so more than 300 cities with Uber will benefit. Uber has been saying how exited they are to have use of such a great platform in TomTom.

TomTom data for Uber

Since this news has come out TomTom shares were up by 5 percent this morning to around €2.44 billion or $2.6 billion.

This news also means Uber is unlikely to work with with Google, although it was obvious this was going to happen seeing as though Google is working on its own rival service and will be in direct competition with Uber.



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