LG 55UF6450 review for 55-inch TV with 60Hz reality

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2015

LG has gathered a reputation as a TV brand which can offer the same quality in features as high-end rivals, but the difference being a much lower price making it an ideal option for consumers who only have a certain amount to spend.

Now we offer some insight on one model which may interest you this month, the LG 55UF6450 55-inch 4K 2160p LED Smart TV which is one of the company’s premium models which offers glorious 4K quality.

The LG 55UF6450 specs are very impressive, with key features including a 55-inch LED display with a Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution, 120Hz TruMotion refresh rate, 4K UHD file playback and also a UHD upscaler as well to turn standard broadcasts into 4K quality.

Be aware though that a 120Hz ‘TruMotion’ refresh rate, means that in reality this will be a 60Hz native refresh rate picture which LG is enhancing artificially.

Elsewhere there is webOS 2.0 with full access to LG’s Smart apps, with a web browser and quad-core processor onboard to ensure that multitasking isn’t a problem.


There’s 3 HDMI ports located on this model, with one USB 2.0 port and one Optical input as well. If you manage to find this TV well under $1000 then, we say it is a very good buy so you should definitely consider it.

Further information on the LG 55″ Class Smart 4K UHD TV specs and be found on the official product spec list here – there is also a manual to download for those that need it.

Finally, consumer feedback is always important before a big money purchase, so be sure to read through the LG 55UF6450 4K TV reviews here by clicking the review tab for even more input.

Is this a TV that you are interested in buying? How high do you rate LG compared to the likes of rival models from Samsung and Sony?

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    I purchased this model last week at Sam’s Club. Coming from a plasma tv the Super bowl game never looked better. The upscaling is fantastic, the viewing angles are great and the webos features are easy to navigate with the remote…but the LG remote app I downloaded from Google play works better, just make sure you download the correct and latest version. This TV is a steal at 700 dollars.

  • mike

    is this tv only 60hz native?

    • Did you read?


        “Be aware though that a 120Hz ‘TruMotion’ refresh rate, means that in
        reality this will be a 60Hz native refresh rate picture which LG is
        enhancing artificially.”

        I did and that’s pure BS. I have LG tv with trumotion, and they are even more fluid than regular 120 hz tvs.

        Artificial butter still tastes like butter, who cares how they get there

        • ConservativeWaysSave

          That’s not the same thing but if it makes you feel better about your TV then that’s all that matters. It’s just like saying you don’t really need 4K content from your TV provider because the TV will just upscale it anyway. I’ll take the actual 4K content and you can have the upscaling.

        • jeffhanson1

          I have the set. Motion seems adequate without Trumotion on. It doesn’t seem good enough for sports though. Trumotion is OK if you don’t mind the soap-effect, video tape look on movies/shows. My understanding is fast motion on a 60hz set compared to the same motion on a 120hz with all enhancements off on both do no result in the same picture.