Fallout 4 infinite caps glitch for easy money

It looks like Bethesda are going to have to release a Fallout 4 1.02 update sooner than expected, as we can already see that many players are taking advantage of a Fallout 4 infinite caps glitch that has been found allowing for easy money.

We have a video to show you as evidence that this is real and is happening right now. As a result, we have a feeling that Bethesda will be launching a quick-fire Fallout 4 cap glitch patch fix as you’ll see in the clip that the results are fairly game-breaking.

It looks like this doesn’t work in all store vendors, but you’ll find that it does work in many of them. If you are feeling desperate for some caps right now, you may want to give this a go before it is patched.


Then again, you’ll have to live with that decision for the rest of your Fallout 4 adventure knowing that your goods gained have bought with dirty money.

Watch this space to see how Bethesda reacts this week. Let us know your thoughts on the glitch and if you agree that it is better to stay clear of it.



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