Emerson LF402EM6F 40-inch Class HDTV review

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2015

Most of you will already be aware that Emerson is a brand of TV that is extremely popular during the busy sales period in the US. One model which we specifically wanted to look at now is a 40-inch Class HDTV with the Emerson LF402EM6F – a brand new model for 2015 which will be available for a very low price.

We expect that this 40″ Class HDTV will be sold at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon in 2015, but given that the model is brand new there appears to be very little information on it for those that are looking for an early Emerson LF402EM6F 40-inch Class HDTV review.

We have however got the full lowdown on Emerson LF402EM6F specs as this model has been highlighted on the official Emerson website.


Features include a 40-inch LED display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This model has a confirmed 60Hz native refresh rate, 3 HDMI inputs, JPEG photo viewer mode, gaming picture mode and USB input.

For those that are interested in this model, you can take a look at the full Emerson LF402EM6F manual in PDF format here – a direct link for you.

With that said and done, what are your thoughts on this mystery new model from Emerson – are any of you looking at this as a purchase throughout the frantic Holiday sales?

Let us know the best price that you have seen for it online and if you have good history with the Emerson TV brand in the past to recommend for other readers.

Which is better for you: Emerson, Element or Westinghouse?

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  • Samm400

    So far so good, I picked one up during the Black Friday sale at WalMart. There is one thing that you may notice if you try using it for over-the-air HD signals from your local channels — it doesn’t seem to be displaying the program information where it ought to be. When you select “info”, all you get is the channel number, the name of the program (example: “NCIS”) and the rating of the show, like “PG”, etc., but no show descriptions, like what the episode’s about, guest names if it’s a talk show, etc.
    And that’s for every channel– all the time. Clearly a glitch with the TV, since this info is transmitted on the same signal the other info is. So I called Emerson, and they’ve already gotten similar reports, so I know it’s not just mine. Basically, they’re saying this requires a software update, which they’ll probably post to their site at some point. When is the question. Anyone else finding this with theirs?

  • Obviously Anonymously

    If all’s this site is doing is parroting back what’s on the manufacturer’s website then how can you call this a “review” – seems more like “plagiarism” 😉

  • eaglepowerguy

    I could’ve bought the Emerson model listed here at Walmart on Black Friday but right next to the pallet of these Emerson tv’s was a pallet of hisense with a full 40″ screen instead of 39.5″. It confused me on which one to grab but they were both part of the sale Walmart had so I grabbed the one made by Hisense like the guy ahead of me did. The screen is 1/2″ bigger on the hisense and it has optical audio out which I use with my stereo instead of coaxial like the Emerson has. I found all of this out after buying it and comparing specs online. Other than that they’re both probably manufactured in the same factory but have slightly different features. Maybe the Emerson would’ve been better. They’re both budget tv’s for sure though. The 1/2″ in screen size larger does make the hisense seem like a giant tv.

    • L73martin

      The Emerson also has 120Hz refresh rate that is better than the Hisense 60 Hz refresh rate. I wouldn’t even consider a tv of this size with 60hz refresh rate the screen is slower and will look grainy is fast action movies and sports.

      • Tyler

        Also, the Emerson has 3 HDMI ports and the Hisense at Walmart only has 1. I bought the Emerson. My box says “120 brilliant motion rate.” Idk what that means… This article claims the TV has a 60hz refresh rate. I am not familiar with this unit: brilliant refresh rate. I wish Chinese manufacturers would learn how to market properly.

        • eaglepowerguy

          The Hisense has 3 HDMI’s. I’m pretty happy with it. They’re basically the same TV anyway you look at it. I think the 120 motion rate thing is just a feature the LCD panel has and is the same one in the Hisense TV. And they’re both 39.5″ I found out. It’s just Hisense put 40″ class on the box.

      • anonannano

        its 60Hrz refresh I know this because when I hooked mine up to a computer pushing 120hrz refresh rate it blacks out. (Tried with the PC input and the HDMI ports)