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Emerson LF402EM6F 40-inch Class HDTV review

Most of you will already be aware that Emerson is a brand of TV that is extremely popular during the busy sales period in the US. One model which we specifically wanted to look at now is a 40-inch Class HDTV with the Emerson LF402EM6F – a brand new model for 2015 which will be available for a very low price.

We expect that this 40″ Class HDTV will be sold at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon in 2015, but given that the model is brand new there appears to be very little information on it for those that are looking for an early Emerson LF402EM6F 40-inch Class HDTV review.

We have however got the full lowdown on Emerson LF402EM6F specs as this model has been highlighted on the official Emerson website.


Features include a 40-inch LED display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This model has a confirmed 60Hz native refresh rate, 3 HDMI inputs, JPEG photo viewer mode, gaming picture mode and USB input.

For those that are interested in this model, you can take a look at the full Emerson LF402EM6F manual in PDF format here – a direct link for you.

With that said and done, what are your thoughts on this mystery new model from Emerson – are any of you looking at this as a purchase throughout the frantic Holiday sales?

Let us know the best price that you have seen for it online and if you have good history with the Emerson TV brand in the past to recommend for other readers.

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