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Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F Vs LF501EM4F HDTV confusion

With the Holiday season fast approaching there will be a huge uptake in the number of consumers looking for a new TV, but more so a budget model because they know this is the time of year that a bargain can be had.

There are so many budget TV brands out there, although Emerson is one of the more popular ones, as Walmart tends to use these as one of their cheaper brands to push. For some reason they do not stock the latest models, which are the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F and LF501EM4F.

Emerson 50-inch LF501EM4F specs

It’s not too hard to compare the two of these models in terms of their specs, features, or even their dimensions, as they are exactly the same. We have been through every single minor detail, and they are all the same. If you do not believe us, then go to the Emerson website, or even our previous two articles on the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F TV and Emerson LF501EM4F 50-inch HDTV.

We have also found a video review for the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F, which runs for 19 minutes, and so should give you a greater insight. There are also a huge number of Emerson LF501EM4F reviews on Walmart from consumers that had purchased this model, which is even better than just one video review, as you get a far better perspective.



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