Destiny Xur Nov 13 location with Year 2 exotic items

It is that time again when we look forward to another appearance and find out where is Xur on Nov 13. We now take a look at the upcoming Destiny Xur location for November 13 and find out what the Agent of the Nine will be selling this week.

It’s fair to say that last week’s inventory from Xur was not very exciting and he didn’t have a set exotic weapon either, unlike the week before when he had the lovely Zhalo Supercell.

That means we are due something nice this Friday and now we want you to let us know which exotic you are specifically waiting for.


Since we have already had the Hawkmoon many weeks ago, we have a feeling that Xur is going to offer the Monte Carlo sooner or later as it should now be on the loot table since Hawkmoon is.

Remember that Xur will show up in the tower at 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time. This means 9am for those players in the UK as we saw that many of you still didn’t realise that the times had changed due to the clocks going back recently.

Discuss what you want to see from Xur this week and that Year Two exotic that you would love to get your hands on after having no luck with Nightfall drop rates.

Everyone believed that the Gjallarhorn was the holy grail from Year One, so what exotic would fit that bill for Year Two – or have we already had it with the Zhalo?

Update: Xur’s inventory for Friday November 13 – Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Obsidian Mind, Exotic Gauntlet Engram and Body Armor Legacy Engram – no weapon again!

Location: Tower hangar



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