Black Ops 3 Zombies Dark Ops unlock not working

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2015

We have noticed that there appears to be a bug on Black Ops 3 zombies at the moment, with many players complaining that their Black Ops 3 Zombies Dark Ops challenges are not unlocking.

If you head to the in-game zombies menu, you will see that there are two secret achievements to unlock which you have to find in-game.

We can already reveal these to be Deresurrectionist – which you need to get to zombies level 35 and Apocalypse Averted – which requires you to fully compete the Shadows of Evil easter egg and witness the cutscene.


As you can see though, many players have already managed to get to level 35 but the Deressurectionist is not being unlocked in the menu.

We’ve seen multiple reports of this happening to many players at the moment, so hopefully Treyarch are aware of this and are planning a fix.

After all, it is going to be frustrating if you manage to complete the easter egg, yet don’t get the achievement unlocked to show for it as bragging rights.

To give us an idea of how widespread this problem is, let us know if this is happening to you on your version of the game – which platform are you playing if you have the same issue?

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  • chris

    It’s 2017 and I just prestige from level 35 in zombies and didn’t get this calling card lol I guess Treyarch really doesn’t care about their players.. :'(

  • Fallout Didi

    Reaching level 35 did not unlock Deressurectionist
    Console: Xbox One

  • DannyStar91

    Deresurrectionist dark ops challenge by hitting level 35 didn’t unlock the calling card.
    Console: PS4

    I went from level 33 to the end of level 35.
    could it be if you level up to level 35 first but not all the way to the end then after get the exp to reach the end of level 35 then it will unlock?

  • Arne Emil

    Ps4 Black Ops 3: Completed both challenges in the same game, I got “Apocalypse Averted” unlocked, but despite completing level 35 as a character and in zombie waves, I have yet to unlock the “Deresurrectionist” award.


    Game is awful trading it in on the new star wars

  • Daniel Funderburg

    Yup im prestige 1 in zombies and don’t have the dark ops challenge. It’s funny because it said it was unlocked on screen, but when i went to equip it, it wasn’t unlocked