Where to find copper in Fallout 4

If you have already started your Fallout 4 adventure, most of you are probably looking for the most efficient method of where where to find copper in Fallout 4.

Copper is needed for the Fallout 4 workshop and can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. In actual fact though, you can get copper in common places that you perhaps didn’t think about looking.

For example, one great resource on how to get copper in Fallout 4 is by scrapping Street Lamps. Telephones are also scattered frequently in towns so you can get some copper from those too.


Other items containing copper include Fuses, Table Lamps and perhaps the most useful of all – Hot Plates. These are everywhere and you can soon rack up a good supply of copper from these alone – try it now and see how you get on.

We’ve added a useful video below which shows you some of the points mentioned above on getting copper in Fallout 4 fast.

Check that out and then give us your own personal tips on what you think the best method is in getting copper in the game in the most efficient way.



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