Toshiba 55L310U 55-inch LED TV with mixed reviews

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2015

Toshiba is another brand of TV which is certain to be a popular choice to opt for during the busy sales period. Now, we take a look at the Toshiba 55L310U 55-inch LED TV specs and to determine if this is one model specifically which you should choose ahead of so many other options.

Buying Toshiba TVs in November is generally a very good move as not only do you get the reassurance of a trusted brand, but you also get very good prices which are much lower than other high-end competitors.

For this model, the Toshiba 55L310U specs include a 55-inch LED display which has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. There is a 60Hz native refresh rate and also 3 HDMI inputs and USB input for adequate connectivity needs.

It is not a Smart TV however for those wondering, but 60Hz and 1080p does make it suitable as an excellent option for a gaming TV – especially if you can find it for under $500.

What we wanted to talk about though, is the mixed Toshiba 55L310U reviews that are currently online at Best Buy’s listing.


If you click the review tab, you can see that there is a 67% recommendation rating for this model, with one 5-star and one 4-star review. However there is also a 1-star review left by a consumer who states that this model suffers from input lag.

For those that are considering a purchase on this Toshiba 55″ LED 1080p TV, we definitely recommend you read through the reviews first before making a decision.

We have also located the official Toshiba 55L310U manual download PDF for those that want an in-depth look at what this TV can do.

Are you thinking about buying this model during the sales? Let us know the best price that you have spotted so far and your thoughts generally on the Toshiba brand.

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  • redd

    I purchased one yesterday 2/15/16 for $399. but I can’t get the 1080 resolution coming off mu dvr with the hdmi cable

  • Anonymous

    Because they periodically run daily deals, short term specials, and leading up to Black Friday, pre-black friday sale prices. If you look at their black friday ad you will see the same TV in there for a promotion.

  • Arla

    Best Buy had the Toshiba 55L310U listed on their website for $349 yesterday 11/11/15 but today 11/12/15 it is listed at $499. Why the quick price change with no expiration warning?